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The cruise industry is still one of the few places where audiences have the opportunity to experience live entertainment. However, it can be a difficult venue in which to succeed. A modern cruise ship offers many different activities going on at the same time. in order to succeed in this environment, a performer must be able to provide a top-notch professional quality show that instantly grabs the audience's attention and engages the crowd at the highest level for a full 45 minutes.

Those entertainers who are lucky enough to find work in this industry have discovered that it is a one-of-a-kind venue that requires hard work to achieve good results as well as the ability to appeal to an incredibly broad audience. The competition for jobs is fierce. In order to ensure repeat bookings, you will need to earn good passenger ratings and satisfactory staff reports. An additional plus to this environment is also the chance to engage and interact with the audience not only on stage, but also over the course of their vacation.

Requirements for the Cruise Market

So, what exactly do you need besides talent? A minimum of 75-90 minutes of solid material that is squeaky clean, plays mainly to a family audience and is flexible so that it can be adapted to different show conditions as needed. Most lines want a full 45-minute show as well as another 20-30 minutes of different material that can be used in a variety show. Some lines require two different 45-minute shows. Each of these shows is usually repeated on the same evening for a second sitting audience.

You will need to submit a DVD or online video in order to be considered. We no longer hold live auditions, so your video is your audition. It is important to be sure that will offer the type of first impression that you want to make. The best demo video is footage from a live performance including patter and audience reaction, as this conveys the overall feeling, energy and impact of your show. In addition, please send us a recent bio and headshot (taken within the last year).

Please read through our guidelines for making the best possible video demo for the cruise market.

Musical acts must have clear, legible charts for the ships' bands. These can range in size from 4 to 10 pieces. For some situations, having backing tracks may be useful. If you have backing tracks, please let us know.

Booking Realities

If everyone who wanted to work in the cruise industry could get a booking, we would be very happy. Unfortunately, that is not the reality of this business. Many artists who have achieved incredible success in various venues on land simply do not translate well to the confines and constraints in working on a ship. Not every act is going to fit into the entertainment program of every cruise line.

Our long connection to the industry helps us to have a good understanding of what is currently being booked and what the cruise line bookers are looking for. We keep our working artists updated with information to help them stay current and to encourage new artists to help them develop the right type of material. The cruise industry is always updating and changing in order to keep their clientele coming back as repeat passengers. Likewise, it is important as an entertainer to remember that you need to keep investing in your act to keep it current as well. Something that worked five years ago is not going to have the same impact today.

How to Apply

If you are interested in cruising as a headline entertainer please fill out an application form and send it along with a video of your performance. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your materials to be reviewed.

Please note: NO videotapes or DVDs will be returned unless a self-addressed envelope is included in the original package accompanied by a note requesting that the video be returned.

Send all materials to: Bramson Entertainment Bureau, Inc., 630 Ninth Ave., Suite 203, New York, NY 10036