Bramson Entertainment Bureau

Demo Videos

Your demo video is your most important sales tool. It is critical that a demo shows an artist in the best light, because first impressions can be lasting ones. Before you send off a video, look at what you're sending and ask yourself honestly, "would you go to see the act in this video?" "Would you hire the act in this video?"

What makes an effective demo video?

  1. The video was filmed within the last six months. We'd like to see the best version of your show. Ideally, your act is always evolving and improving. Cruise lines are looking for performers who are as modern and up-to-date as their state of the art showrooms. Remember: a performance recorded in 2000 is now 11 years old and it will look dated. If you haven't changed your show since then it's definitely time to get working.

  2. A live performance in front of an audience. We'd like to see how you interact with the audience, maintain the energy of the show, and keep the audience's attention throughout the show. We also like to see how an audience reacts.

  3. The video contains a complete show. We'd like to see the pacing and flow of the show from beginning to end. The patter and transitions are as much of a part of the show as the act itself.

  4. Snappy, fast-paced performance. Modern cruise ships have so many entertainment options, passengers may not want to waste their precious vacation time on a show that has long transitions or filler.

  5. The video is technically well made. A superior demo has superior sound and video quality. The camera should be placed to minimize the number of times it is blocked by audience members walking by. The sound should mix some audience noise with the sound from the stage, but the audience mix should not be so loud that side conversations drown out the sound from the stage. However, the technical aspects of the video are not as important as the quality of the live show. A poor recording of a great show will serve better than a phenomenal video of a weak show.

  6. The audience and the performer(s) are enjoying themselves! Don't forget to have fun.
Guidelines for the cruise market