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Currently, we work with cruise lines to supply them with dynamic speakers who can offer passengers stimulating options for enrichment and education. Most cruise lecture opportunities are destination focused and should be relevant to the ports and regions that will be visited during the ship's itinerary. Lecture topics that are of general interest may also work well, depending on the nature of the topic and the nature of the cruise.

Requirements for Cruise Ship Lecturers

All lecturers should be engaging speakers who are prepared with a series of at least four 45-minute talks. Lectures must have an interactive, computer-based component, such as a Powerpoint presentation. The best lecturers will engage, educate and contribute to the ship's cultural environment. On some lines, lecturers will also need to be able to socialize with passengers and offer impromptu talks in less formal environments. All lecturers need to travel with their own notebook computers. Being flexible and prepared for whatever circumstances may come up is also very important.

Destination Lectures

Destination lectures should focus on the history, geography, geology, florae & faunae, literature and culture of the ports and surrounding areas visited by the ship.

Enrichment Lectures

Some lines have opportunities for lecturers on a greater diversity of topics. Some of the programs that have proven to be successful recently include film and Hollywood history, sports (former professional athletes and referees), physics, and astronomy.

General Program Information

Lecturers fall within a category of supplemental staff, with modified passenger status on board ship. It is important to understand that as a lecturer, full paying passengers always come first.

To Apply

Send all materials to: Bramson Entertainment Bureau, Inc., 630 Ninth Ave., Suite 203, New York, NY 10036 or apply online